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Why Us ?

Instant Hasselfree Bookings

Here you can search for airline tickets, hotels reservations, cars hire, bus ticket bookings and package deals to anywhere in the world, within seconds. This is a much more direct and convenient way to book multiple reservations than working through a travel agent or contacting airlines, hotels and rental agencies independently.

We also take care of all your other travel formalities like ( Visa & Insurances ). We are available to you 24/7, to resolve any problems and provide you with any kind of support you might need on your holiday.

We also welcome any kind of feedback from you to further improve and refine the experience, Just send us mail at feedback@souvenirtravelz.tk

What Our Customers Say ?

  • I found your web site very easy to use, which was a relief to me. I usually get frustrated and irritated by the time I have found a flight and I was SO pleased to realize that on your site, not only had I found an inexpensive flight, but the entire process was very quick. Thank you for building such a "user friendly" way to book flights. I now have you as my primary TRAVEL site and you will be the "first" and probably the only site I will need for my future travel.

    Vijay Kumarguest
  • Your services are always realiable and it only takes few minutes to plan and finalize your entire trip using their extremely fast website and up to date listings. I’m super excited about my next trip to Paris.

  • Thank you all so much for your website's quick and reliable service. This was my first time using your site and I was very pleased. I'd been searching everywhere for an airline ticket when I came across your site. Your price offered was muss lesser than all the other sites I searched.


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